Originally made up to keep people from hurting, killing, and stealing from others, and to make people treat others with decency and kindness, it's actually caused what it wanted to prevent. People have killed, hurt, and stole just because one does not believe the same ideas and opinions concerning religion as they do. Religion is a good thing, however, things like marrying as a virgin are nearly impossible. It's good to have morals, but religions not as needed as before. There are now laws to keep people in line. I believe in God BUT the "YOU WILL BURN IN HELL IF-" crap should stop.
She strongly believes in religion.
by realist March 30, 2004
A way of Life. To be accepted in our new century as something to live by. A code to morality.
Instead of threatening me, I wish that Christian people would just hold their religion in respect to themselves.
by Winnie January 09, 2004
the way lifeless idiots spend most of their time worshiping and giving away money to 'god' which is actually just a big ass lie which priests convince people to believe to they could get free cash
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
1. A political system requiring no personal accountability.

by Snowcat August 25, 2003
a idiots excuse to get away from the truth of the world and live in a dream world.
Religion - i believe i will go to heaven and not rot in the earth.
by CHanke November 05, 2008
overrated. Religion has been presented through out history as 'the way of life' or 'the true way to be happy after life'. In reality it is a way to manipulate, govern, and generally hate others without the normally required guilt. One may be allowed to participate in one religion, as all others are wrong. If one does not believe in a certain religion, they are doomed to eternal suffering. Religion has caused wars, death, murder, violence, riots, and general chaos through out history. For a purpose which was invented by man to potentially conform the masses to their every will.
The Crusades... The huge war for the "Holy Land" because of the Christian religion
by Amanda April 27, 2006
1. Creates a sense of security for man in order to deal with his own mortality by putting himself at the centre of the universe.

2. Consequences include hindering human development as well as inciting mass murder of the human population consistently throughout history.

3. Used to keep in check the inherent human bloodlust. Which gives rise to distinct class differences as the more intelligent and influential can wield it at their will (see slavery).

4. Survives by indoctrination of the population almost at birth. Stipulates that severe punishment awaits those who deviate from its principles. Ironically punishment is dished out in this life rather than the next!!
Galileo a great man in history was continually subject to brutality, because what we know now as truth undermined religious doctrine.
by Rubo January 19, 2004
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