Mythology taken too seriously.
If you really think about it, any religion (be it Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism, etc.) are really just ancient mythological stories such as ancient Greek or Native American legends. Only thing is, people take it much too seriously leading to mass conflict with differing religions.
#religion #mythological #ancient #useless violance #myth
by it'sAsh November 07, 2009
Religion is the most unbelievable idea thats ever existed. Humans have come so far but we still believe in it. Yes the thought of religion has helped many people, but the whole religion thing has killed hundreds of millions of people. There have been thousands of wars thanks to people who take Religion really seriously. Even world war 2 was partially cause by religion.
Religion,the crusades, most terrorists, World War 2
Religion has killed hundreds of millions of people.
#god #muslim #jewdism #scientology #also many insane cults are religios
by Hale Rothery January 29, 2008
Man made comfort mechanism intended to make human kind fearful of a nonexistent dieties.

Divides humans into categories and subcategories (catholicism, protestant, shiite, sunni)
because of religion let's all worship god and forget all our troubles!
by mAGIK bUS February 17, 2005
Cause of all chaos in the world. I blame religion for causing all the wars. See bullshit
I listened to "God" and I ended up donating $10,000 to a bullshit cause.
by iono December 03, 2004
religion is a thing that tyhe human mind creates when it just wont except that maybe the earth is here because rock compressed together because of gravity religion has caused more problems then it has solved and is the biggest lie in human history
jews are fighting the aribs because of "holy ground"
by mike September 15, 2004
see God if you do not then god shall smite ye! Bullshit!
Dirty Dirty SCam
by Mamao April 04, 2004
Originally made up to keep people from hurting, killing, and stealing from others, and to make people treat others with decency and kindness, it's actually caused what it wanted to prevent. People have killed, hurt, and stole just because one does not believe the same ideas and opinions concerning religion as they do. Religion is a good thing, however, things like marrying as a virgin are nearly impossible. It's good to have morals, but religions not as needed as before. There are now laws to keep people in line. I believe in God BUT the "YOU WILL BURN IN HELL IF-" crap should stop.
She strongly believes in religion.
by realist March 30, 2004
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