Something invented by the humans to be meant as guidance but was taken too far
Don't force your religion on me.
by Loyal Follower of KOMODOism April 20, 2004
The reason why dinosaurs were extinct.
Minister: And so God created Adam and Eve.

Boy: What about the dinosaurs?

Minister: God smitten them with the back of his hand because they didn't believe in this religion.
#bullshit #lies #evil #brainwash #retarded
by Deeznutzinurmouth February 21, 2010
The greatest form of emancipation known to man.
A way to find meaning in an otherwise insipid existence.
little child: Daddy, why do animals have no religion?

dad: Because they think and feel like the vast majority of people.
#religion #existence #emancipation #meaning #think
by asc asc July 10, 2008
Many types of ridiculous superstitions that are really mean't to keep you in line so the more powerful and rich leaders don't have to.
If you do bad things in life and don't believe in the higher power of your religion, you burn for eternity when you die, or you are excommunicated by your former friends and family, or you worship Satan, or like in the old days, you are killed or tortured.
#religion #god #jesus #christianity #judaism #pointless #stupidity
by Josh Voorhees May 26, 2008
Was created by the same people that thought the world was flat.
Jesus Freak: Imma go pray for hours! I wanna be a priest when i grow up! I wa-

Atheist: *slaps* Don't be stupid.

Life is too short. Dont waste a second of it on religion.
#religion #god #stupid #waste of time #heaven
by dhfkudhfdkgdgu March 13, 2008
The beleif that everyines life has purpose and that you will be enlightened after you die even though you sat on a couch and watched TV your entire life. Otherwise known as total bullshit that has been fed to every family and child since fuckin creation.
Karl Marx: Religion is the opiate of the masses
#hell #heaven #death #life #god #christians #jews #muslims #aetheists #america #life after death
by He who speaks the truth... April 10, 2007
an excuse used to let people allow you to bomb the hell out of the world.
Student:Can I kill President Bush?
Student:But I'm a Muslim.
Teacher:Oh, I am so, so sorry. Go ahead.
by Srihari November 27, 2004
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