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Something that crazy people (most of humanity) believe due to being brainwashed from birth.
Most continue to believe, even as adults due to primal fear and anxiety over their mortality.
Religion is fast fading in advanced nations, but still quite important in poor nations due to lack of education.
by NedStark June 07, 2013
3 1
Helpful sometimes, often not.
Cause of many deaths, prevention of others.
Keeps people sane, makes people crazy.
Respected, abhorred.
Good. Bad.
There is no accurate definition of this word that doesn't leave something out.
Religion drove extremist Muslims and Christians to do horrid things.
Religion helps people through hard times.
I can't seem to figure out what I should think about it, so I'll just stay neutral.
by ellipsisdotdotdot February 19, 2011
13 11
Complete farce used to control people and give powerful people a reason to start wars and fuck people over.
Country 1: I really dont like country 2, fuck it, lets invade and say God appeared to me and told me to do it in the name of religion.
by God dosent love me April 02, 2010
17 15
Religion is the greatest and most enduring excuse for fear.
Zealot 1: I am afraid to die.
Zealot 2: Let's cook up a story to make ourselves feel better.
Zealot 1: Okay, how's this? When we die, we'll go to a better place.
Zealot 2: Sounds good! Can we call it 'Religion'?
by Sujasha February 10, 2009
49 47
Contagious form of schizophrenia. Also the blame for billions upon billions of murders and countless wars.
Religion is the cause of the Holocaust, genocides, and 9/11.
by Mr. Crowley August 26, 2008
28 26
A form of psychosis brought on by paranoia. Had led to more deaths than any other cause. Especially susceptible to inhabidents of Kansas and Texas.
Fuck religion. Come into the real world.
by DonZabu January 06, 2008
48 46
Religion is an anachronistic vestige of pre-modern societies. Religion offers comforting, though naive and often inaccurate, explanations about the origins and future of humankind, the Earth and just about everything else. Religion is often learned in youth - when children readily mimic the behavior of their parents, siblings and peers. Unfortunately, most adults never recognize that the religious perspectives, values and practices that they were indoctrinated with as children are poorly suited to living in a modern scientifically oriented society where it is understood that there is no empirical evidence for such things as: magic, demons, angels, gods, heaven, hell, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, Santa Claus and the boogy man.

Religions continue to exist today because they are inherently adaptable; religious dogma changes markedly over time. Moreover, the many conflicting codes of behavior that religions advance can be used to justify any attitude or action, regardless of what the current century may be.
christianity, islamism, judiasm, buddhism, and other lies are typical religions.
by Think For Yourself October 11, 2007
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