shouted when you see a woman's crotch when she's not wearing underwear with her miniskirt while sitting down.

Inspired by the quote from the movie Clash of the Titans.
"Oh my God! That chick over there is totally flashing her roast beef to the world! RELEASE THE CRACKEN!"
by Mr. Unix May 28, 2008
Top Definition
(referring to the monster in Clash of the Titans) used when a boy, misbehaving sexually, pulls out his hard penis.
she's so hot, i want to Release the Cracken.
by uncle j January 11, 2008
A warning given just prior to a major release of gas. Only to be used in extreme situations in which the sudden loud noise of the flatulence would otherwise frighten the unsuspecting people nearby.
Realizing that this was to be no ordinary fart, Todd made the announcement in his best Scottish accent "Release the Cracken", giving passersby a moment to shield their faces, mouth, nose, ears, etc.
by wpb321 October 07, 2010
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