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To reconfigure or assemble in a different way. To modify an existing status to achieve a desired effect.
To increase my stopping power I had to rejig my car's brakes.

I can get faster internet access after rejiging my router's configuration.
by chili_rodriguez March 30, 2006
to completely reset something back to its original formating or settings.
Example 1:

Person 1:hey man my bro just downloaded 2 gigs of porn onto my computer 1 gig of which is just viruses

Person 2: ah man now you're gonna have re-jig it, dude that'll take so long

Person 3(person 1's bro):hah you like the present i left you?

Example 2:

Person 1: omg man my fucking new mazda rx-8 has this awesome rotary engine

Person 2: hah why would you buy one they need to be re-jigged every couple of months
by teh_lock & B3@tn1cK December 13, 2009
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