Provides easy way for drug addicts to cessate their drug use.

Rehabs often give the drug addicts the treatment their deserve - by killing them with garbage drugs.
He went to rehab and they killed him.
by slpnght January 03, 2011
Christian rapper Lecrae's 4th studio album. He paralleled the healing qualities of the Christian life to entering a rehabilitation center.
Just got that hot Rehab album! Cop that!
by Xoria7 January 08, 2011
an Arabic name that means perfume or bouquet (of flowers)
A girl that lives in Canada, who is pretty awesome. ( : Pronounced (RIH- HAAB) OR (RAY-HAB)
Hi, my name is Rehab. :)

Hahaha, like rehabilitation?

No, you moron. Like really awesome Rehab ... ignorant twit. :)
by flowerchildgoodyshoe2 October 12, 2008
A place for quitters.
Rehab is for quitters.
by TheGreatSantini February 29, 2008
A place for quiters
Timmys goin to rehab, that fuckin quitter
by TIMMA!!! October 16, 2008
a good band
ms jones mr jones gotta yellow bird ms jones gotta pretty yellow birth to get laid get laid but the b boys gotta get paid get paid
by girls goen wild April 20, 2004
Sunday Pool Party at the Hard Rock Cafe-Las Vegas. The best of the best woman in the country flock here. Celebrity sightings are automatic.
Rehab Sundays-Hard Rock Cafe
by palfred97 June 01, 2007

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