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When two junkies or alcoholics get together in rehab and have an "immediate deep connection and understanding of each other that nobody else has ever had with them". This often happens within days or weeks of entering rehab. They often take it beyond just rehab and go together after rehab. These relationships have approximately a 99% failure/relapse rate (of course we are the 1% says the two losers) and abuse, domestic violence and general disregard for others and their feelings is commonplace. Note that infidelity/cheating is common here as the rehabers have no regard for loved ones they have been with for years, who took care of them thru addiction and being abused by them and often paid large money and struggled to put them in rehab because they love them. They simply think of themselves and their loved ones are left shattered once again to pick up the pieces, again they don't care as long as they have their new boyfriend/girlfriend "once in a lifetime connection" and plenty of sex.
Rehab: Hi sir, I'm sorry to tell you that your wife has been kicked out of our rehab for getting caught having sex.
Husband: What!? No!! Please my heart is broken.
Rehab: I'm really sorry sir. She left with him today to go live with him and some other rehab grads.
Husband: (crying) Noooo! Can I at least get my money back I can barely pay bills?
Rehab: Sorry sir, she signed a contract and broke the rules. We tell them not to get involved with rehab romance as it is toxic but they rarely listen.
Husband: (gunshot) RIP... (Wife doesnt care enjoys sex with new addict boyfriend).
by NotAnAddict January 22, 2014
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