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Someone who solve problems using necessary violence, wich is of course necessary in a lot of cases.
That muthafucka was tryin to hook up with my girl, now hes layin in the river, he got regulated.
My boy beat down five boys yesterday, hes a fuckin regulator.
Gimme my money before I regulate your ass.
by Johnnay April 24, 2003
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We regulate any stealing of his property
And we damn good too
But you can't be any geek off the street,
Gotta be handy with the steel if you know what i mean, earn your keep!
Regulators!!! mount up!

Those regulators just jacked up that thieving can goblin.
by THE DCT November 09, 2004
Let me contemplate,
I glanced in the cut and see my nigga Nate.
Sixteen in the clip and one in hole
Nate Dogg is about to make some bodies turn cold
Now they droppin and yellin', its a tad bit late
Nate Dogg and Warren G had to regulate!
by boom boom b September 05, 2004
1) Any individuals who take care of problematic people through violence. They hit hard and fast either out in the open or covertly.
2) Can also be used as a verb to describe carrying out the action of a regulator.
Ah ma follow mah gurl today, foo. If I see that muthafucka talkin to her at the Asian haircut place...mayn, ah ma hafta REGULATE.
by Joshiro007 February 17, 2003
A very violent and brutal gang started in 1998, the gang mostly frequents Minnesota but is spreading throught the midwest
Some regulator just popped a cap in that ass
by ray time April 16, 2008
n. A motorist who drives the speed limit or slower, no matter how long the line of traffic following is. This usually leads to suggestions being made by those in line as to what said motorist should be doing instead. Aggressive driving and road rage incidents occasionally accompany the experience of being "regulated" (vb.).
"Oh man, this guy is such a regulator! Why doesn't he just pull over and let those of us with somewhere to go get on with our lives?"
by Major Kameltoe March 09, 2009
Keeping things real;
Brittany and Yoli:regulating things
keeping it real
On the down low
We are regulating
by Bney February 22, 2004

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