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A term used to secretly communicate about regular "regs" marijuana.
Hey what up man do you know about reggie bush?
by Dr. M. Dravius PhD MD November 25, 2008
For people who think the blockers suck in New Orleans and it's all him, look at Deuce McCallister's stats before Bush.

And for the people who think he is a punt return beast, look at his return stats. 1 TD and 7.7 yards per return. Reno Mahe (who?) has more yards per return with 9.4.
most people don't know what they're talking about. Reggie Bush is overrated.
by Vick and Bush are overrated May 10, 2007
To 'Reggie Bush' is to avoid something very quickly with an extremly agile and impressive move. The term 'Reggie Bush' must be used seldomly and only in the most amazing of situations.
Brian- Dude, I was just doin 80 on 35W when all of a sudden a semi cut into my lane. Don't worry tho, I just Reggie Bushed that shit up on the shoulder and was straight cruisin in no time.

Dude- Crazy shit bro.
by BallparkDanks February 21, 2009
-(v) The act of having spectacularly extricated ones self in any dangerous or potentially dangerous situation, whether verbal or physical, similar to that of the Saints running back, Reggie Bush. Varying nobility of actions that have taken place can be measured by season, placing the tense (optional) behind the season number, 2006 being the greatest thus far.
1. "There was a nursing convention in the hallway towards class. I reggie bushed the entire length of the hallway and got to class on time to take the quiz."

2. "I really think that if he realized that he doesn't need her (girl friend) and can do way better, he will greatly surpass me on the women-pulling-ometer. Straight up reggie bush 2006 my ass."
by CaptainAhab89 September 29, 2009
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