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A piece of paper given to you (worse than detention)when you do something very very wrong. And you get sent down to the principal's office
Mrs. Campbell gave me a referral because she asked me 5 times to stop talking
by Neil May 17, 2006
what an RA gives you for doing the cool, but illegal, stuff
A referral is what you get if you are caught partying in the dorm underage.
by Erick3 August 29, 2007
#A place that you get sent for no reason lol
your talking in class, then your teacher goes, go 2 referral
by L.G x April 17, 2009
A simple action that caused members of GoLiveWire to riot on November 9th 2006. Also known as the Referral spamfest. By far, one of the greatest spamfests ever on LW.
I was a parf of LiveWire's Referral Riot and Spamfest on Nov 9 2006.
by Melerg November 10, 2006
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