to whine, and moan...but always be there for you no matter what
stop moaning, stop doing a 'reem'
by ameena December 17, 2004
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This word means; I'm a total dick that watches a shit program and then insists on quoting things from it in my own life. (often this isn't its literal meaning and just something the user is intending to imply)
Joe: That girl is so reem.

Dave: You're a cunt.
by WizardofCock May 10, 2011
saying this automatically gives others permission to belt you round the face with a shovel.
reem = shovel round the face.
by wankhead. May 18, 2011
An expression used by retards in the south of England to prove there a cunt
Joe Essex is a cunt yep he's reem
by Masvtodger November 15, 2011
For a person or thing to look good. Usually used by Londoners, or of people in the Essex area.
Your hair is looking reem today
by Let-Down April 28, 2011
Great; fit; attractive; perfect.

Usually used to describe people or personal appearance but can be used in any situation.
That girl is well reem
by udeditor1 April 20, 2011
a beautiful sexy woman that everybody loves. alotta people wanna do her. she is very nice and smart. she is extremely hot.
Daaaang I wish I was Reem.

Dude the girl with A lot of Reem is walking by.
by saborsord99 December 12, 2013
Reem is a slang word first used by Joey Essex on The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE). It is basically an alternative word for cool.
Joey: You're looking reem today, babes.

Sam: Aww thanks, you too gorgeous.
by Fashion-Designing-Dreamer February 26, 2012

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