OK..... here in the UK, we are deprived of most small bands from the US. Reel Big Fish were formed in California (I think) in the early-mid nineties (I think).

They are a highly skilled ensemble band, ska, rock and a totally wicked horn section. Aaron Barrett fronts and writes most with Scot Klopfstein, or something like that (trumpet, vocals & guitar)... Matt Wong, Bass, is God, apparently!

Surprised by the other definitions about them being really happy. Not my take on it... After slogging away and having relative success before MTV hit 'Sell Out' they appear to be rueing the past (unless this is really clever ironic self-parody). 'Cheer Up & 'We're Not Happy'.... definitely have dark edges to them about not making it and hating No Doubt (here; here) I think Aarondated the lovely Gwen Stefani - well you would be miserable wouldn't you...

Nevertheless I would pay to see them again, 3rd time. They are exceptionally entertaining.
Have you got a spare ticket to Reel Big Fish?

Nah man, they totally sold out again....(?) Kidding!


Who are better than Voodoo Glowskulls, Goldfinger & Less Than Jake (sorry guys) combined?

Reel Big Fish, of course
by takin a dump September 15, 2005
Artists who hold the title of "My Idol." Ska band. excelent.
by ibanezrulesall November 09, 2004
Reel Big Fish is one of the most amazing ska band you'll ever hear. Major ownage goes to RBF. They basically own your ass. Therefore, you may not mess with RBF or i shall rip your body apart into a million gabillion zillion pieces. End of discussion. even though this isn't a discussion. shut up..
"she has a girlfriend now
she had a girlfriend now
she said guys dont do no more for me"
She Has A Girlfriend Now - Reel Big Fish
by iamcoolyup March 23, 2006
The most AMAZING ska band in the world.
We are the ska band! On the street. We are the ska band! Everyone thinks we're so f***ing neat! REEL BIG FISH!!!
epitome of truly brillant fun-loving self-depreation and ironic bitter sarcasm!
Hey everybody I’ve got somethin’ to tell
it's what I learned from relationship hell
Lust turns to disgust
a heart of gold into rust
a soft touch to a slap in the face

-Suckers, Reel Big Fish
by Bellatrix LeStrange May 03, 2006
In the words of Scott Klopfenstein "Good Funky, Sexy, Chicken Fingers."

2. Best Ska Band ever.
Scott summed up Reel Big Fish in 5 words: Good Funky, Sexy, Chicken Fingers.

2. Reel Big Fish are fuckin awesome!
by A Tumor in a Coat December 30, 2008
The best band ever if you are in high school and have never heard good music.
A: Remember how you used to like Jimmy Eat World?
B: Yuck.
A: Whatever happened to them?
B: I don't know but Reel Big Fish stole their shtick.
by Internetted October 04, 2009
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