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Male aged 18-35 who possesses some or all of these characteristics:

* trendy toni & guy haircut which is basically just a mullet
* diesel jeans and a pink t-shirt, often with a "witty" slogan, which will usualy refer to what a "cocksmith" they are or the immense size of their junk.
* wears a scarf with a t-shirt but no jumper or coat all year round.
* speaks in a london accent (no matter where they come from)
* loves football, but not chav enough to be a hooligan
* loves to go out to clubs and get "lairy" or "paraletic"
* always touching up and macking on "birds" in clubs in an attempt to "get a shag"
* is a big fan of mainstream indie and will group with other reegs to yell "toon! toon!" as soon as they hear the intro to 'mr brightside'
* once pissed, will congregate with other reegs to either bellow 'can't take my eyes of you' by andy williams in the middle of the street, or to swear at none-reegs whilst hanging out of a taxi window.
* loves to "blag" free entry into shitty nightclubs.
* loves patting bouncers on the back and calling them "geez" for some reason.
* is just a complete wanker

the term "reeg" comes from regular as apparently, reegs think that they are the norm and everyone else is a lameass.
non-reeg1: is Leeds Uni any good?

non-reeg2: nah, it's full of reeg wankers.
non-reeg1: i thought tonight was in indie night but all they're playing is reeg shite like franz ferdinand.

non-reeg2: yeah, and that reeg douchebag over there's got his hands on your girl's arse.

non-reeg1: oh shit yeah. and now she's going back to his house for pummeling. what a reeg cunt.
by Captain Hero April 24, 2006