A brand of shoe my grandmother used to wear.

Now a brand of shoe the kid down the street from me wears.
Reeboks are for 80 year olds.
#shoes #old people #wiggers #did i mention old people? #burger king #el moolah
by tonitron5000 July 20, 2008
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Sportswear brand started in the UK in 1895. While its products may look no different from anything out there, they are exceptionally good and confortable. Unlike Nike, the goods sold to ordinary customers are actually good for real atheletics. Named after a type of african deer.
I wear reebok classics.
by Gumba Gumba February 22, 2004
Kickass sports company, mainly known for basketball and casual apparel.
NBA stars Allen Iverson, Steve Francis, Baron Davis, Yao Ming, and much more sport RBK's during games.
Without the NBA, reebok would be nothing.
#shoe #nike #allen iverson #nba #rbk
by guess...i dare you September 26, 2005
Gangster shoes to wear with your girbauds.
You got dem hoes?
You got dem ree's on you feet, with dem girbauds
by Jon M. S. June 14, 2003
1. An athletic wear brand, named after
2. A species of african deer.
3. Acronym: Respect Each and Every Blood, OK?
For a while i really couldnt tell the difference betweek nike and reebok so i stuck with adidas.
by gloria bean February 22, 2005
when u take off your shoe laces and tie the female up and take a shoe (preferably a reebok) and shove it up thier behind.

for you, Yona...
shady: yo brumer, what are u up to tonight?
brumer: im gonna give my gal a nice smooth Reebok
#nike #boston cream #cream suprise #mud pretzle #rusty trombone
by scottness September 20, 2006
Used in Nottingham as rhyming slang meaning a cock.
"OMG you suck Reebok"
#reebok #cock #nottingham #slang #suck
by 666thedevil666 November 30, 2006
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