N. When plain old Ridiculous just isn't enough.
Greg: Dude! Lucie got to keep the house AND the car in the divorce settlement! All I got was the kids!
Austin: Is this real life? That's redunkulous!

Sydni: Gas costs $3.45, Grandpa.
Grandpa: That's just redunkulous! When I was a kid, it was only 10 cents per gallon!
by sunshine53 July 23, 2011
Top Definition
Redunkulous- adj. the second higest degree of ridiculous. When something is amazing/ shocking/ surprising/ unbelievable etc. beyond normal amazement, but not completly unbeleivable. Something ouright crazy would use the higest degree of ridiculous (see redonkulous).
"Holy Shit that headshot was redunkolous"
"That bitch Tracy dumped me on valentines day. This is totaly redunkulous!"
"Jimmy forgot the beer!? This is completely redunkulous."
by G-rammar September 21, 2005
iller than ridiculous
also: redicky
Yo, I ate this girls booty, so she gave me this redunkulous hummer.
by CadetMKultra February 11, 2004
Ridiculous to the extreme. When nothing else can describe the cause or reason behind an action or event, that is otherwise impossible in nature.
Dan, while playing Modern Warfare 2: "That guy just shot me with a shotgun through three walls from a mile away!"

Bobby, while also playing Modern Warfare 2: "For real...that's redunkulous!"
by GOAT of the Month February 04, 2010
Ones ability to dunk a basketball in an almost superhuman fashion.
Michael Jordan's first slam dunk in the competition was redunkulous!
by jamesl1979 October 27, 2014
A ridiculous amount of badunkadunk(ie booty)
When you see a girl with a large or just plain wierd butt you would say "That is just redunkulous"
by Crakrjak November 16, 2003
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