1. An NFL American football franchise whose fans think they are winning the Super Bowl every season.

2. A team whose owner tries to buy a Vince Lombardi Trophy every year but fails miserably at it.

3. An NFL football franchise whose fans have lives so meaningless, it's all they have to cheer for. I mean, seriously, they call themselves "hogs". That has a lot to do with their logo....
1.) "Dude, the Redskins are going to the Super Bowl this year." (Heard 5 months before the new NFL season even begins).

2.) "Dude, Redskins are the shit, they signed (insert aged overpriced free agent here) it's the last piece of the puzzle!."

3.) "GO REDSKINS! GO HOGS! Even though we have nothing to do with pigs...."
by Cancerous1 July 12, 2008
Top Definition
An offensive and derogatory term refering to native americans. Comes from when the government paid for each 'indian' one killed. Instead of carrying the bodies they would take the scalps to prove they had murdered a native american.

When plural the name of a NFL team from Washington DC

It seems there is a too common belief that the word redskin is not offensive so I dare those who believe that to go try that word out on a native american person and see their reaction.
At a casino on a reservation a customer refered to one of the native american employees as redskin. The customer was shot by that employee. So obviously it is offensive.
by Shizzalator January 02, 2006
A racist slur that has somehow managed to stay in existence as the Name of an NFL Franchise. That franchise was one of the last teams in the NFL to integrate. Noticing a pattern here?
It was when drunk Mel Gibson called those guys redskins that we realized how racist it really sounded.
by MK1996 April 04, 2013
A derrogatory term used twoards the American Indians primarily during the wester expoditions and by white democrats during the Civil War.
"Dem' dere red skins are holdin' up wy 19 acres of the white mans land" ~ (historical use of the word)
by History Wiz May 06, 2003
A racist term refering to the color of a tanned Native American hide that is often used by ignorant individuals who believe the work to be totally innocent.
"Don't call me a redskin, motherfucker!"
"What? It's true...your skin's as red as the blood on my injun scrotum tobacco pouch!"
by atwavirus September 19, 2005
The best team in the NFL
"dude, did you see the redskins fucking kill the cowboys last night
by Max March 13, 2005
A great NFL Team. originally the Boston Redskins, own 3 Super bowl rings all under Joe Gibbs typically middle of the pack in modern times but that will change. GO SKINS
"OMFG The redskins just swept the Cowboys"
by C Foer December 25, 2005
a compound word. red + skin. Denoting the color of a skin.

The Skin can be that of a person, place, or thing.

Redskins is the name of the all American football team in Washington, D.C.. Their embel is that of the American Aborignals.

The Native Americans, are great warriors, mighty survivalist, and taught the visitors of their land how to fight, farm, build, create and sustain a way of life on their land.

The Native Americans are honored and respected with many different professional team names. Tribute to the Native Americans is also found in currency, technology, weaponry, automobiles, food, clothing, apparel, accessories, etc...

However the color of their skin is not actually red. Much confusion here due to misuse of the word by uneducated and under informed cultures.

In humans, Redskin denotes the color of a persons skin when burned by excessive exposure to heat, steam, lighting, also when an allergic reactions occurs from coming into contact with a triggering substance.
redskin potatoes, redskin beans, Washington Redskins, Apache Server, tomahawk helicopter, Atlanta Braves
by NotHuman October 05, 2013
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