The Second Album by Lowell's "Electric Donkey," named for the title track.
"I just wanted a copy of the new Donkey album, Redonkulous."
by Kyle Rounds May 26, 2005
Something so ridiculous that you have to put a donkey in it
That mexican girl was redonkulous; she needs a donkey in her
by Donkeyrider February 04, 2010
a word the was made up by mistake by two girls in highschool
lolzz 32's shirt is so tight. that's redonkulous.
by radiokillalys April 13, 2009
Something so absurd that makes ridiculous seem insignificant. This is the top level of awesomeness. Nothing compares.Leaves you speachless.
Bobby:YO! did you see that? WTH!
by lokeez March 25, 2009
1: The combination of the terms "ridiculous" and "badonkadonk" into a word that is the extreme form of ridiculous.

2: An slang word of "ridiculous" used for emphasis.
"Man, that girl, she's got a redonkulous behind."

"That party tonight was redonkulous."
by Big CB September 14, 2007
(adj.) Something that is extremely, plaid speed heinous or ridiculous.
Look at that lady's hat. That shit is redonkulous.
by himguy October 27, 2006
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