Redonkulous (adj.) - 1. Extremely Stupid; Rediculous to an almost impossible extreme
2.(Verb) Making an ass out of one's self
Antonyms:Dis-redonkulous, Believable, Rational, Acceptable, Tame, Lame
1.It was the most redonkulous thing ever! The Gnomes walked off and started shooting people.
2.He was acting redonkulously.
by Killerlamb April 26, 2004
ridiculous times 10, great, adsurd, out of control, sickest ever
Spring break in cancun was redonkulous
by Phil Strong January 10, 2004
adj. even more absurd than rediculous, but aslo bizzare and silly.
The fact that you would try to trade mp3's with Barley is just redonkulous.
by Anonymous April 04, 2003
1. similar to "rediculous" but used to describe a party filled with "donkeys." A donkey is a woman who is rather easy or ugly or both.

2. or, to describe how much of a donkey a girl was or is.
1. That party last night was redonkulous!

2. Dude, the girls last night were so redonkulous.. can u believe she did that??
by recs April 19, 2011
Slang, Modifier: A word or phrase that when spoken is so ridiculous it makes the speaker sound retarded or ignorant.
What you just said is totally redonkulous!
by Kelebrinlith March 22, 2010
extremely ridiculous, almost to the point of disbelief or absurdity; originated in the Bay Area of Northern California with a group of friends from Miramonte High School in the mid-90s; popularized by the creators of the Thursday Night Sports Party
That slam dunk he made from half-court while wearing a blindfold was redonkulous.
by TaytaT November 14, 2009
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