Taking ridiculous to a a new level - emphasizing how ridiculous something really is.
The price for those tickets was REDONKULOUS!!
by lolom July 21, 2009
1.The state of being outlandishly over-astonished by a sudden change of events that leaves the witness dumbfounded.

2. Beyond ridiculous.
Pete: "Dawg did you see that racoon slap that girls booty?"
Jake: "Man, that shits redonkulous"
Pete: "You know"
by D.C. MAN 1987 May 26, 2010
something so out of control, so over the top that it takes ridiculous to the next level.
Did you see that tween dressed in head-to-toe Urban Outfitter? Totally redonkulous.

Can also be used in it's shortened form: redonx.
by jimmymontrose February 12, 2004
When rediculous just isn't enough!
Becca: 'Woah, did you see that road boat'
Joliver: 'Yeah! That shit was redonkulous!'
by Joliver <3 August 19, 2010
to define something as so ridiculous that it ascends all comprehension on the matter
that monkey flying a plane was redonkulous!
by Zach Cummins April 18, 2004
When something surpasses being rediculous. Uterly out of hand. The next level of insane.
The outfit she wearing was redonkulous. Was her mirror broken when she got dressed?
by @michaelmadd June 19, 2011
When something is so outrageously stupid, The word ridiculous just cannot cut it.
Oh my god getting naked in a betting shop infront of an old woman! Thats redonkulous!!
by swaggerlikeusJH March 30, 2011

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