Instead of saying "Rediculous" sounds better when said out loud. (Re-Donk-U-Louss)
Mainly used to either sound like an idiot, or just sound like you know bigger words.

Ariyth The Pony- You're so REDONKULOUS!
Donkey- ._.

Annoyed Teenage Girl- Ugh mom, you're so redonkulous!
Mom- Can't you say 'rediculous'?
Annoyed Teenage Girl- Pfft, mom. No one says the real words anymore! >:l
by O:HolyCrabapple:l May 22, 2010
Referring to an act made by a 'poker donkey' such as calling KK with Q3 all in pre-flop (Calvin). For further frustrations try playing in the SLC Poker tour.
Mia: "Dude! Are you F&(*)ing sewieous? You called my all in pre-flop with Q3?!?!*%%$%^?"

Calvin: "But it was suited!"

Mia: "That is Redonkulous!"
by teymlis July 10, 2008
Somthing outrageously worse than your normal adjective,
The way of creating a less offensive word than Re"dick"ulous
Just an awesome word (i.e: "Awesomeness")
Friend: Dude my GF just got my phone, and saw all the numbers i got last friday!
Me: LOL! thats Redonkulous!

Mom: I'm cutting off your allowance because you have a 60% in math
Kid: Thats Redonkulous mom!

by HCO March 16, 2008
Being both ridiculous and having the characteristics of a donkey.

Can also be contracted: redonk.
That professor's fuckin' redonkulous.

That was one redonk bitch.

by sunset pirate March 21, 2006
when something is extremely rediculous
-yo, look at that gyrls balancing an egg on her nose

-that's rediculous, i'd even go as far as to say that's REDONKULOUS
by dablackadabeery April 29, 2005
A variation of "ridiculous" that plays on the substitution of the "dick" part of the word being replaced by "donk". "Donk" refers to donkeys and thereby jackasses, so the switching is essentially "ass" instead of "dick". Usually used as a more directed attack than "ridiculous". Also used often when relating to a person who is a "jackass" with reference to the movie Happy Gilmore. Variations of "jackass" include "donk", so when the context is such that ridiculous activity and golf are combined thus is "redonkulous" formed.
You're never gonna make that putt, ya jackass!
Oh my god! You made it! That is redonkulous!
by thelarryarms April 11, 2009
(adj.) Something that is extremely, plaid speed heinous or ridiculous.
Look at that lady's hat. That shit is redonkulous.

It's hardcore redonkulous how many times I have to submit my definitions before they are finally fucking approved.
by himguy November 08, 2006
(adj.) Something that is extremely, plaid speed heinous or ridiculous.
Look at that lady's hat. That shit is redonkulous.
by himguy October 29, 2006

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