Taking ridiculous to a a new level - emphasizing how ridiculous something really is.
The price for those tickets was REDONKULOUS!!
by lolom July 21, 2009
A replacement for rediculous. Meaning awesome and bad and sick at the same time.
Man Lexie this party is Redonkulous!

Dude this homework is redonkulous!
by Liv Honey March 01, 2009
donkey like play at a poker table
player A calls a pot sized bet on the turn hoping to hit a gutshot straight on the river. that is redonkulous
by 346137c March 12, 2008
another word for ridiculous, a way to call a freind retarded
That's redonkulous or Ross is being redokulous
by Flipdip February 03, 2006
To act like silly apples and oranges.
Acting a little ridiculous and a little dorky :)
When Kenadams and Candy try to videchat and fail....... that is reDONKulous!!!!

only silly apples and oranges act reDONKulous
by JaChelle August 27, 2007
ryan cabrera's word.
Ryan Cabrera is redonkulous biatch
by CaraCabrera June 20, 2006
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