Taking ridiculous to a a new level - emphasizing how ridiculous something really is.
The price for those tickets was REDONKULOUS!!
by lolom July 21, 2009
adj. Ridiculous to a ridiculous degree, superlative form of ridiculous. adv.-redonkulously
That was so incredibly stupid that it can only be described as redonkulous.
by cdhs March 12, 2006
A term used to describe an event or object that is not justified by using ridiculous.
Steve: "My girlfriend deepthroats so well, that she gets my BALLS in her mouth!"

Dave:"Dude, that's fucken redonkulous!"
by Rob Murray & Adam Levine April 19, 2005
Something that is ridiculous to the max.
Rick Fortin:"Yo man i'm going to fuck her ass!"
Brian:"Sheeeeet..... that's redonkulous dude"
by Clake July 21, 2006
Gamer term derived from "Donkey Dick Rediculous." As in some thing hugely ridiculous like a donkey's dick. Please stop posting stuff when you don't really know where it came from people. Believe me I was using that word many many years ago.
Dude that killing spree was REDONKULOUS
by Doctor P to the D April 10, 2008
For if someone or something is amazing or unbelievable. Also can be used to show happiness towards a person or object.
-That new shirt is Redonkulous!
-Your new hair style is Redonkulous!
-April is the most redonkulous person alive!
by Grant mac 565 April 16, 2008
Ridiculously Riduculous, especially in girth; the superlative of riduculous
yo, that black dude's dong is redonkulous
by jgflex February 14, 2004
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