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Taking ridiculous to a a new level - emphasizing how ridiculous something really is.
The price for those tickets was REDONKULOUS!!
by lolom July 21, 2009
Instead of saying "Rediculous" sounds better when said out loud. (Re-Donk-U-Louss)
Mainly used to either sound like an idiot, or just sound like you know bigger words.

Ariyth The Pony- You're so REDONKULOUS!
Donkey- ._.

Annoyed Teenage Girl- Ugh mom, you're so redonkulous!
Mom- Can't you say 'rediculous'?
Annoyed Teenage Girl- Pfft, mom. No one says the real words anymore! >:l
by O:HolyCrabapple:l May 22, 2010
greater-than rediculous. also can mean: crazy, insane, idiotic, & big.
"yo, that is redonkulous! like OMG."
by they call her kara. May 21, 2009
Rediculous to the extreme.
That chick was redonkulously hot.
by mike b. February 01, 2004
When someone is doing something ridiculous but saying it in a "OH DAYUMMM!" way. Like if its awsome or crazy.
Tyron: "Dayumm you see tht bitch jump out the window!?"

Malik: "Yeahh man tht shitt was ReDONKulous!!!"
by PieperH May 16, 2010
completely idiotic, unbelievable.
The refs in that basketball game made some redonkulous calls.
by Brylicious September 25, 2009
completely crazy, ridicoulas, or otheriwse odd
homework....finest example of redonkulous ever
by Misery May 28, 2003
Scholars maintain that this word was first coined somwhere in the deep south in early 1997.
Person A: "Man you won't believe this shit. So I get some from work today and my sister's watching the OC, and some fucker on there's using the word redonkulous"

Person B: "That's fucking redonkulous. They can't say that word. That's our word! That's our word."
by Walmart Fried Chicken September 16, 2006