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When you wont take the time to wash your BO off or waited to the last second to get ready so you wiped deodorant all over yourself to cover up the smell
Dad: Hey its time to go to your friend's birthday party,did you take a shower?

Son: Nope,wheres the speed stick? I'll just take a redneck shower.

Dad: Dammit i didn't raise you to be this lazy!
by Shawneeboy March 27, 2010
When a person is so freakin lazy, they spray axe or some other body spray on all over themselves. This is their alternative to takin a shower or bath. Now they are ready for a night out on the town.
Sean says: hey man, hurry up lets go!

justin says: Don't worry about it, I will just take a redneck shower.

Sean says: Ok just dont take your clothes off you smelly bastard!
by SeanB85 February 09, 2007