they have rednecks and gop to nascar races with their sisters who are also there wives
NASCAR races are fun for them cause theyre poor
by Jacob stier November 22, 2003
Mother fuckers still dont know who own this country.They keep talkin their shit
Why are most presidents rednecks.
Can you honestly say you would want someone else?
We would lose our spot on the totem pole of the world.
by ch3no2 July 18, 2003
we aint racist, we like hunting, fishing, and country music,,,we from da south and we are proud,,,we love da rebel flag and say git r done...people need to stop hating on us
country boys and gurls, southern people, rednecks
by rdnck_bitch93 November 01, 2008
1) ONLY drives pick-up trucks.
2) watches Nascar because it is an all-redneck event.
3) thinks the national flag of the United States is the Confederate flag.
4) a person who votes or runs for the Republican party.
5) think the white race is superior to every other race in the world.
6) thinks the world consists of the USA, Mexico, are water, monsters and evil-doers.
7) has sex with his mother, sister and brother.
8) works in a garage.
9) belongs in the south.
10) a member of the NRA.
11) thinks the United States is a country by and for whites.
12) does not know that white people are of European race.
13) grows a goatee, often with a shaved head.
14) has no knowledge of world events and does not care, aka the average American.
15) anyone who associates with the term all-American.
That redneck can't even point to Iraq on the map.
by Bush-basher August 05, 2003
1. Racist white trash mother f**ker
2. Idiot
3. Has sex with own family
4. Believes Blacks,Latinos,Jews,Gays,
Lesbians and Asians are to blame for
5. Lives in a Trailer
6. Believes all Lations are Mexicans and and that Puerto ricans,cubans and
other Hispanic groups dont exist
7. Believes that people like Colin
Powell and other powerfull minorities
shoulndt have those jobs
8. Believes the south will rise and
slavery will be made legal again
9. Type of woman who enjoys being
abused by husband or boyfriend and is a cheep slut
10.Blames democrats for the reason that
miniorities live in houses and they
live in trailers
11.Fat,overweight and dumb
Bobby ray is going to KKK meeting cause he black neighbor is the owner of car dealership and Jake and Bobby got married
by chevydriver007 February 13, 2005
The living proof that feces can grow legs and walk. They can be seen wearing dirty-looking clothes, and some with Southern themes, many with a Rebel Flag on them. They love mudding, NASCAR, squirrel hunting, drinking lots of beer, having tractor races, and bitching about Mexicans and Blacks. Many have a brain that contains a small twig with about no more than a hundred brain cells on it.
Hey everybody, Look! Jethro's using all 3 of his brain cells to talk!
by Survivor Fan August 12, 2004
A group of idiots that always wear Dixie Outfitter Shirts and talk about rifles and guns all the time and love four-by-fours. They are obsessed with fishing hunting and four wheelers. They also love to "coon hunt" and spend thousands of dollars that they don't make on their own on coon dogs and tracking systems fro their dogs. Most of them are stupid and have horrible grades. The first week of school you can ask them what they have in algebra and they will simply reply, "i gotta d mang". They use the word mug for everything. For example, Instead of , 'I shot that deer on Saturday, they would say something like this. Mang you aint gone' believe 'is, I shot a deer saturdi, nailed 'at mug right in tha heart mang. They are stupid, a waste of time, and a drain to society and a drain on wildlife too.
A guy walking around with a Dixie Outfitter shirt on and a cowboy hat with some carhartt jeans and boots with the pants legs tucked in them and a mouth full of dip, thats a redneck.
by Vakirio March 28, 2007

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