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The living proof that feces can grow legs and walk. They can be seen wearing dirty-looking clothes, and some with Southern themes, many with a Rebel Flag on them. They love mudding, NASCAR, squirrel hunting, drinking lots of beer, having tractor races, and bitching about Mexicans and Blacks. Many have a brain that contains a small twig with about no more than a hundred brain cells on it.
Hey everybody, Look! Jethro's using all 3 of his brain cells to talk!
by Survivor Fan August 12, 2004
Dumbass Southern people with unbearable accents. I'd rather go skydiving without a parachute than spend 5 seconds with one.
insert random redneck here: Howdy y'all!
by dj gs68 July 17, 2003
One who's neck is of a red color.
George Bush is a redneck, he engages in anal sex with other natives of unpopulated american lands, or hillbilly country, he likes this alot.
by jack May 16, 2003
Rednecks are racist ugly weak bastards that swim in their own shit hoping that a black or any other ethnicity can trespass in their property, If i were you if a redneck says something to you shove a Daiper in their mouth.
Prince Sade: Hmmmmmm.....
Redneck: Get off mi property bii-octh
Prince Sade: What you say
Redneck: I said get off my property fool
Prince Sade: Here take this here's a 40 year old molded Daiper that you can suck for the rest of your LIFE!!!!!!!!!...ya Dam Rednecks
by Prince Sade June 18, 2009
common southern folk who get awfuly fuckin pissed up and knock up their wives and cousins on a weekly basis, leading to such large redneck families. they also enjoy shooting things that are smart enough to run and haulin shit around in their old big pickups with fake add ons and modifications.
Dude, i wanna throw a fuckin grenade into the middle of that group of rednecks right there.

That short asshole of a redneck with the massive gay truck thinks he can kick my ass.
Dude, he'll just get his daddy to run you over instead.
by Blake A October 15, 2004
Over-zealous cowboy with a truck and animal fetish.
Usually food in the barn, raping their horses.
That damn country music star is such a redneck.
by Jef Schoonover August 04, 2006
Also see George Bush
Duuuh, guess i better get home now so i can go smack my wife in the eye, yes sir!
by James Lowe June 26, 2005