People who do not know how to dress properly, and they are super dumb and ONLY listen to country and only shops at walmart to buy their clothes.
Farms have mainly rednecks or places with ponds.
by AllysonT May 02, 2008
A cool ass white person.
yo, you crazy ass redneck hillbilly sons o bitch.
by Mardom May 29, 2005
A Bush voter. Sees Bush as their spiritual leader. One who resides in the Red States.
Those guys from the South voted for Bush, they must recognize their spiritual leader.
by calicutieeee December 30, 2004
A person who has an overwhemling urge to clean the removed transmission of a 1978 Trans Am in the bath tub of their single wide trailer.
by fatmanboogie October 28, 2003
conotation with a class or group of people who are prejudiced or racist either secretly or overtly. Mainly rednecks come from the south but they are everywhere nowadays.
For example: They are all rednecks in that part of town, that is why minorities don't live there.
by enyce April 16, 2006
only a redneck can call his or herself or others a redneck. someone who loves country music. must be from the south, and east of texas. not a prep!
lots are from middle georgia.
by catherine jackson August 15, 2005
1. Any person of any color or ethnicity who acts like an uncivilized barbarian and/or leads a dissolute life characterized by rebelliousness or criminality.

2. To a Democrat - anyone who is not a Marxist or inclined to the various beliefs of Marxism, the Democrat party, progressivism or leftist liberalism. i.e. a patriotic American.

3. A term of defiance used by white working class persons who would not normally be considered rednecks - most often to defy false leftist stereotypes against American conservatives,

4. Archaic - a poor white Southern Democrat farmer of the 1920s or a pro-union coal miner during the labor movement of the 1920s.
by Wordly Master October 27, 2011
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