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redneck sledding: the act of using cardboard to slide down hills (usually at overpasses) in the absence of snow.

Given the lack of snow and elevation change in the South, Rednecks had to improvise. Therefore cardboard is used to break the friction co-efficient of dry grass on the side of interstate highway overpasses, usually accompanied by screams of YEEE-HAW!
Hey Bubba, after you finish skinning that armadillo, let's take the box your above-ground pool came in and head to the overpass for some redneck sledding!
by paintfiction July 30, 2006
(Noun),.The act of using a 4 wheel drive truck to pull an object (i.e. trash can lid, hood of a car, or cardboard box) behind the vehicle using a rope along a flat grass/dirt surface.
" Hey y'all they just cleared the field behind our house anyone up for some redneck sledding"
by More southern than most October 24, 2007
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