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1. legal relationship between brothers, sisters, best friends and possibly an animal: a legally recognized relationship, established by a civil or religious ceremony, between two below average people who intend to live together as sexual and domestic partners.
2. marriage ceremony: the ceremony in which two fat, greasy southern people are joined together formally in wedlock.
3. An union legally binded with the option and possability to produce abnormal children by default.
4. union of two things: a close union, blend, or mixture of two unintelligent people. Incest is based on the marriage of tradition and southern innovation.
"Thomas I'm afraid that your marriage is in a current decline"
"Now I realize after all these years that I have been in a redneck Marriage!"

"We do not provide counseling for your type of marriage"
"Are you being prejudice against my redneck marriage?"

by Jay P.F November 02, 2007
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