slang for ridiculous. simple as that.
"These nachos are rediculous... yumm"

"I want a rediculous taco with lots of SOUR cream. mhmmm"
by imgonnaeatyourclothes March 11, 2010
The intentional misspelling of "ridiculous" for someone of the (red) Republican party.
George W. Bush: "I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully."

Democrat: "George Bush is fucking rediculous!"
by shigeok September 07, 2008
Intentional mispronunciation of "ridiculous" (based on the common misspelling) to indicate that something is ridiculous while also insinuating that somebody involved is stupid (i.e. implying that they are just as stupid as people who misspell "ridiculous").
Person1: John says Bruce Willis is in Star Wars
Person2: That is REDiculous (i.e. John's idea is ridiculous and John is also an idiot).
by rail August 08, 2005
Normally used, in the streets or urban culture, to define something (usually a song) that was amazingly good.
Dave: "Yo, Benny, you heard that new song by Rich Boy?"
Benny: "Yeah, it was rediculous!"
by Throwin' D's. March 19, 2007
The correct spelling of ridiculous.
This shit is rediculous.
by Big Joey May 10, 2007
This is the way that the word "Ridiculous" should be spelled because very intelligent people have spelled it incorrectly for a long time. One eventually corrected himself, but the others don't fucking care so they shall therefore continue to spell the word in the aforementioned manner.
"This word is so fucking rediculous, for the second time!"
by Andrew Timmons September 05, 2005
The alternate spelling of ridiculous that is accepted world-wide except by Danielle.
Danielle: i knew you were gonna pull something ridiculous.
Nick: that wasn't that rediculous
Danielle: um.. i don't think so.
by Nick March 06, 2005

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