This is the way that the word "Ridiculous" should be spelled because very intelligent people have spelled it incorrectly for a long time. One eventually corrected himself, but the others don't fucking care so they shall therefore continue to spell the word in the aforementioned manner.
"This word is so fucking rediculous, for the second time!"
by Andrew Timmons September 05, 2005
Top Definition
The alarmingly common misspelling of ridiculous.
Joe: This game is rediculous!

Bob: Your spelling is ridiculous.
by Dassh July 25, 2004
To diculous again
I thought I would diculous once, but I had to rediculous to get it right
by raslafor October 30, 2007
rediculous - n. (ree-dik-yew-lus) the act of licking ones dick again. From the root word diculous and the Latin prefix re- meaning to do again.
NoScoper360: "Man I can't believe we lost that game, this shit is rediculous."
SmartAss69: "ri*"
360: "ri what?"
69: " ridiculous, the correct spelling is ri-diculous"
360: "NO, re-diculous is just diculous again. Like liking someones dick again, that how bull shit this game is."
by tbhizzle August 13, 2014
it is like ridiculous, but it is someone who is consistently ridiculous and over exaggerates things to ridiculous measures, when someone is constantly calling someone ridiculous you start to annunciate the "ri" turning it into a "re" thus making rediculous.
Oh my god, you are being SO rediculous, for the thousandth time!
by acard123 May 17, 2011
a redhead who's ridiculously hot
emma stone is rediculous in The House Bunny
by maniacmixklutz February 04, 2009
An adjective with the same meaning as RIDiculous, only spelled RED when referring to the greatest team in the NHL, the Detroit Red Wings.
"Did you see that game last night? Man the Wings are REDiculous!"

"That play by Datsyuk was REDiculous!"
by LeftWinger4Real October 30, 2011
A repetitive large orgasm session

re - again
dic - dicks
ulous - many
this is rediculous party! my body isn't used to this stuff dude!

hey, that experiment was rediculous! they were asking for too much!
by -The Best of Judge Judy- December 05, 2010
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