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A alternate spelling of ridiculous that only losers and idiots use. In essence, they are trying to use a word that is too big for them and showing how dumb they really are.
Just google redicilous and see the idiots at work.
by gearkat March 25, 2009
When something is so stupid you have to mock it twice.
That's redicilous. Like totally stupid.
by KeiZzaH June 23, 2009
"redicilous" is what happens when a ten year old tries really hard to be taken seriously after completely missing the point of a video that's almost three years old. Obviously, people still don't know how to read the description.
Search "Vegeta, It's Okay If You Are Gay! in youtube to find out. Fucking site won't let me post a link.
"Just why are you making Dragonball Z redicilous???"
by Donvbray May 16, 2010
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