Acception; welcoming; acception of a concept or idea.
he was relieved when he got the letter of redemption into Princeton.
by Melanie Falko September 01, 2009
Top Definition
The act of redeeming or the condition of having been redeemed.
Here's your last chance for redemtion. Make it worth it!

I'll do my best
by Whoopthereitis April 13, 2005
1. to reclaim what was taken 2. best served through a belt-fed weapon or the serrated edge of a unused hunting knife to one's esophagus 3. to cleanse another of their sins
The man gasped for breath through a puddle of mucus and blood as his redeemer sat on top of him grinning

The man screamed to his god as his redeemer cleansed him of his sins

The man begged for forgiveness as he felt his life seeping through his redeemers veins

The helpless victim finally found redemption through reclaiming the life of his tormentor
by Davis Leang February 02, 2011
Along With The others.. but is allso a tight controlled brotherhood of surenos living in england founded in Salisbury with leads all the way up to Teeside.
Redemption will sort your problem out.
by Rodriguez hermandez March 05, 2009
Kick ass song by the thrash metal band Shadows Fall. Was nominated for a grammy for Best Metal Performance.
Youtube Shadows Fall's Redemption, damnit!
by Silent Fuckin' Bob August 22, 2008
Deep down, with every inch of me, i pure hate you... but god damnit do I respect you.

today we spell redemption... R-O-N
by Scott the fuck tit motorboater April 07, 2008
Something that is not worth getting back or recoverd.


The word is used the opposite way it really means , Recovery of something.
It Wasn't even worth it getting that freakin Redemption back.

Instead of putting car or bucket,junk etc.

or another example,What's wrong with you 1960 redemption Tv.
by WestPhysco. April 29, 2009

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