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ultimately rediculous, often describing the danketty-dank among marijuana. extra special. premier.
dude, this takilma shit is redankulous!
by dr.ganj January 10, 2006
something rediculous or awesome; normaly used when you are really stoned
Last night, at that huge kegger the four foot bong was redankulous.
by Michael Weppna February 05, 2009
Ridiculously dank marijuana.
Dude, Prescott Eugene Cheztbalz got some Silver Haze last night. That shit was redankulous!!
by MK Ultra April 10, 2009
redankulous isnt just rediculous, its extra rediculous.
dude that chick that fred banged looks fuckin redankulous
by [ ] December 13, 2004
Adjective: A combination of the words "rediculous" and "dank", it is beyond normal rediculousness. Usually used to discribe something ghetto or just plain amazing.

Often used the the adjective "fucking redankulous". Greatly amplifies another adjective when used "redankulously".

"Those shoes are fucking redankulous"

"That sandwich is redankulously big"

"Did you see that touchdown? It was fucking redankulous!!
by Monty Jr March 31, 2009

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