When someone is laying on their back passed out drunk during a party, someone pulls down their pants and hovers their asshole directly over the sleeping victims nose. Two people go on each side of the sleeping drunk and scream "Cops!" in each ear. The startling noise frightens the drunk who sits up abruptly and sticks their nose right up the hovering poop shoot.
He won't talk to us because he inhaled a cling-on up his nose when we gave him that red-eye-jedi last weekend
Top Definition
the prophecy that one day, a band of long lost jedi would form from the ashes of the 20th century to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. All have one common bond......marijuana.
Also it means one whom smokes, but maintains senses and in some cases those senses are sharpened.
Adam is a red eye jedi along with rob, cameron and jedd. They are Red Eye Jedi.
by Jeremy Hulsey August 03, 2004
When you are smoking weed, your eyes glaze over and make you eyes look red. the jedi part is mainly due to the skills of jedis (:
this is some peng weed man im red eye jedi
by rawrzkiz July 04, 2009
Act of stealthily exposing the rim of one's anus to unsuspecting victims, preferably accompanied by a Star Wars-themed joke, like "The Death Star will be completed on schedule" in one's best Darth Vader voice.
I heard Bob coming down the hall so I gave him a Redeye Jedi. He got an eye full of the Dark Side.
by Yo Duh August 14, 2012
percy 5 weedy joints and experience the phenomenon for yourself....
tee hee hee, that is some phat bud
by fred December 03, 2003
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