Falling apart near the end or coming up short near the end.
Sport teams hate to redsox near the end of the season
by Drew Larison September 26, 2007
A gay ass mother fucking team that thinks they are good because finally Varitek and Schilling are getting married in that gay ass state Massachusetts!!

JASON VARITEK:hey, wanna get married in this gay ass state massachusetts?

CURT SCHILLING:no,because Im too busy trying to be a wannabe
by ruben da mets fan March 06, 2005
The best fuckn team ever bitch ! They will beat the shit out the fuckn faggot uncle fuckin yankee assfuckers .Atleast the niggers on the red sox have a use ... they can fuckn play ! Manny doesnt take steroids but fuck dick lickin giambi has steroids for fuckn breakfast . If you are a yankee fan your a queef and should lick a donkeys balls .
The red sox beat the fuck out of the fuckn yankees . Then after the damn fuckn game the sox kicked the shit out of them and fucked they re wives and girl friends
by paul k. July 08, 2004
The next Yankees. Management, players, and fans are all just as annoying as yankee management, players, and fans. They have turned into what they hate most. Both teams are destroying baseball cause they are all turning into fags.
Look the red sox spent millions of dollars this year too just like the gay yankees.
by Tim S July 29, 2005
The Sawx are not merely just a team, they are an entity. Locked in an eternal battle with the Evil Empire from New York, the Red Sox have recently gained the upper hand on their nemesi. You know, what with winning two World Series in the past four seasons. And oh yeah, they did pull off the biggest comeback in sports history. The Yankees are a choking hazard and their fans seem only able to recall past baseball prowess. Said fans also say that the Red Sox suck because they've only won seven World Series, but the Red Sox have won the third most championships of any team in the MLB.

Oh yeah, and they won the division this year.
Red Sox fan: Dude, the Sawx are totally wickahd. They won the Series this yeyah.
Yankees fan: Oh yeah? Well, the Yankers won it in 2000. So the Red Sox suck.
Red Sox fan: Well, who won the last one? Bitching.
by hayguys November 01, 2007
Red Sox Nation = stupid pieces of shit. Red Sox fans and players are the greatest combination of pussies and faggots ever made by God. They are jealous the yankees because it took them with ease to win 26 world series, but took them 82 fucking years to win one. Also yankee players dont cry like Johnny Damon and the biggest faggot Curt Schilling. Red sox fans dont have real fans too, they just consist of people who are pissed off there team didnt make it to the playoffs or just hate the yankees. THis applies mostly to Mets fans who are the second biggest bitches to the Red Sox. So Red Sox get some real fucking fans. One thing the red sox should believe is the yankees are kick the red sox asses this year.
Oh are you a red sox fan?

Of course not, I am faggot Mets fan who doesnt have a team to support for in the playoffs.

Wow I am so glad we got David Wells!

Wow he has shitty era in Fenway.

Curt Schilling is our savior

He is also the biggest faggot too.

Hey i have a tiny dick

Yea you must be a Red Sox fan
by Satan January 22, 2005
Red Sox Nation...just the gayest thing to hit baseball. The biggest banwaggon fanclub in any sport. Half the fans dont know anything about the team, but since they live in Boston..they root for them without ever watching a full game and only know the key players because of all their endorcements.

Red Sox fans and there RedSox Nation will always come in second to the New York Yankees
by Baseball fan October 06, 2005
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