Have one more world series titles in the past decade than any other team, minus the Yankees who can just go suck it.
Hey Paul, who won the first World Series?
The Red Sox!
Damn straight fool!
by BoSox April 20, 2008
a baseball team that thinks the world owes them something. they're basically the yankees but without all of the biased hate because of the lack of recent world championships.
those red sox, i hate 'em.
by L. F. Grant January 31, 2005
2004 world series champions
fuck the yankees
babe ruth is no curse, he just a fat ass mo'fo
a-rod came to yankees so he can be with his boyfriend jeter
the red sox just swept the cardinals in the world series
by oliver clothesoff November 20, 2004
a baseball team thats over rated and is the second highest paid in the mlb they are part of the red sox vs yankes rivarly...they won 1 world series in 86 years and they think they own the world and have the right to critize the yankees for just being good...the yankees only got there money from winning all them world series dont be a hater.
red sox fan:hey im a offical yankee hater.
yankee fan: your a lil bitch got rings!
by shortyrock392 June 06, 2005
a team that as soon as they won the world series lost all of their players even the one player who they thought would never leave, Johnny Damon, and they lost him to they better paying team...The yankees
Damon is gonna stay with the red sox forever...oh wait now hes on the Yankees
by Yankees are good March 01, 2006
shit team that got sweeped ina 5 game series by the best team in the world, the yankees
Johnny damon plays much better for the yankees than the red sox.
by James Mcgriffenbrown August 25, 2006
the worst team in baseball history! they suck....wow it must be really hard to just be bad like that
So now that you guys know there was no curse, how do you feel knowing you've just plain SUCKED for 86 years
by paris hilton March 12, 2005

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