We are way better then the Yankees..yea we have yankee suck t-shirts and yankee toliet paper but yankee fans have red sux t-shirts nd crap like that too…if we lose we sill believe in our team, we don turn our backs on them..we cheer like crazii even if we are losing..yea soo yankeesz won alo of times but do they really care for dere team and does their teammates care for each other? Obviously we care for our team and you can tell theirs a bond wi the teammates…nd plus Yankees use steroids…nd yea this year is ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soo hatersz fall way dha fuck back! Ps coco crisp name is Covelli not codavliwho ever wrote that
yanks fan:yankees lose damn hey lost again..fuck dem

red sox fan:red sox lose its alrigh..we can get em back..wooh..keep ya heads up
by ASK BOUT iiT July 27, 2007
the worst team in baseball history! they suck....wow it must be really hard to just be bad like that
So now that you guys know there was no curse, how do you feel knowing you've just plain SUCKED for 86 years
by paris hilton March 12, 2005
The only team ever to win 1 World Series in 86 years and actually think they've accomplished something.
The red sox have 0 class compared to the yankees
by blocox March 05, 2005
A team followed by fans who need to take a large rusty medal spoon and eat their own asses out. Get over yourselves. What the hell are you going to bitch about at your job as a sandwhich delievery man or a plummber. Get a life and follow something a little more important than a bunch of grown men playing a kids game.
The Boston Red Sox are a shameful example of a winning team that would be lucky to make the playoffs a year after winning the World Seris.
by Sons of Sam Horn February 24, 2005
A team that seriously needs a reality check and a flea bath, One becuase tehy r so gross and digustiong and 2 they think they r all tough and macho and on top bcuz of ONE WIN IN 86 YEARS. Oh, you no who needs a HUGE flea bath, JOhnnu Damon.. a guy who looks so much like a barabrian that scientist should test him to see if hes from teh stone age.
EX 1: After 86 years, the Red sox won, now tehy think they r the best. Ya well wuts your excuse this year? hmm uhh well.. OH! Sux fans, r u guys gonna balme is on ANOTHER INJURED PLAYER? or suck it up, be a manly team, and ADMIT U SUCK! NO DO UR FANS disgusting bunch of freakin saps!
by yankeesrock March 31, 2005
A team I actually like, along with the Yankees. However, I like the Yankees more. Want to know why? The Red Sox fans are sauntering around, saying the Yankees suck, while they've won the first World Series since 19-freaking-18. Face it guys, the Yankees are better than you. At least for now. If you keep winning the World Series, you'll be the better team. But you haven't truly proven yourselves yet. Yankees are out of your league.
Mazel tov for the win in 2004, though. I was rooting for you.
by alb March 03, 2005
redsox are the lovable losers of the MLB. Yankees are far better and have 26 world championships. Redsox fan suicide rate is higher than any group of ppl on earth because they suck so bad.
P1: Do you like the redsox?
P2: (Suckerpunches P1) FUCK YOU, do you think I'm a fucking fag?
by Tom Lane April 24, 2005
a loser,prick, cock sucking bitch, the worst insult u can eva call sumbody
Person 1: OMG, i hate u so much! ur a... ur a... ur a red sox!!!
Person 2: WHAT??!!! o no u didnt!
by pimp daddy dollars October 24, 2004

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