We are way better then the Yankees..yea we have yankee suck t-shirts and yankee toliet paper but yankee fans have red sux t-shirts nd crap like that too…if we lose we sill believe in our team, we don turn our backs on them..we cheer like crazii even if we are losing..yea soo yankeesz won alo of times but do they really care for dere team and does their teammates care for each other? Obviously we care for our team and you can tell theirs a bond wi the teammates…nd plus Yankees use steroids…nd yea this year is ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soo hatersz fall way dha fuck back! Ps coco crisp name is Covelli not codavliwho ever wrote that
yanks fan:yankees lose damn hey lost again..fuck dem

red sox fan:red sox lose its alrigh..we can get em back..wooh..keep ya heads up
by ASK BOUT iiT July 27, 2007
A team that blames their failure on the Yankees' spending, even though they went out and got Curt Schilling, Manny Ramirez, and Keith Foulke, to name a few.
Hmmm... how is it that the yankees won 20 championships before Steinbrenner was around? Oh... I know. They're not CURSED!
by Go A-Rod GO! July 23, 2004
Simply put, a mediocre baseball team but no match against the Yankees, successfully putting them down time after time. Im not a Yankee Fan or a Sox Fan, i live in San Franciso and this is the truth.
Sox can beat other East Teams except the Yankees.
by gmoney October 17, 2003
A baseball team from Boston that has had such bad luck since 1918, that it takes an individual with an extreme amount of character to face each season. Completely unlike people who are fans of a certail team from New York who barely need to breathe to get satisfaction.
Damned Red Sox lost again, well there's always next century.
by grunherz August 01, 2003
(a) a baseball team in boston that has the ugliest looking bunch of guys since johnny damon left
(b) a baseball team that resides in the ugliest base ball park
(c) a baseball team whose fans are over-sensitive and only have one happy memory (2004)
(d) a baseball team who will face the revenge of the yankees in the 2007 mlb playoffs
(e) a team whose mascot is the only good thing about the franchise (let's face it...the wally guy is pretty cool)

The Yankees will beat the Red Sox in 2007. When that happens, it would be good to see the world revert to the natural state of things.
by stupid new grad September 25, 2007
A really shitty baseball team that won a world series then all the fags from Boston cheered like crazy. They are almost as shitty as the yankees but not quite. The angels kick their ass everytime they play them. Fuck boston. They cant even say car right
Person1: hey my favorite team is the red sox
Person2: You suck
by YANKEES SUCK August 24, 2006
Easily the most over-exposed team ever. Everyone loved them for beating the yankees and now eveyone who isn't from boston is sick of them and their fans. Thanks for inspiring Fever Pitch you assholes
Well the Red Sox won, can we shut up and move on.
by ilovebaseballman May 05, 2005
a team that went on an 86 year drought to win the world series...the yankees may have blown a 3-0 lead but they still own the red sox...the red sox got lucky in that seires and they kno it...i think the red sox sucked more in the ALCS than the yankees considering they were 3 outs away from gettin swept when the yankees lose pettite, clemens, and wells...and the red sox get schilling and they barely won the series
red sox 1918-2004 (86 years)...how bout them red sox? yea how bout them 1 world series in 86 yeras...they should be banned
by red sox blow February 21, 2005

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