We are way better then the Yankees..yea we have yankee suck t-shirts and yankee toliet paper but yankee fans have red sux t-shirts nd crap like that too…if we lose we sill believe in our team, we don turn our backs on them..we cheer like crazii even if we are losing..yea soo yankeesz won alo of times but do they really care for dere team and does their teammates care for each other? Obviously we care for our team and you can tell theirs a bond wi the teammates…nd plus Yankees use steroids…nd yea this year is ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soo hatersz fall way dha fuck back! Ps coco crisp name is Covelli not codavliwho ever wrote that
yanks fan:yankees lose damn hey lost again..fuck dem

red sox fan:red sox lose its alrigh..we can get em back..wooh..keep ya heads up
by ASK BOUT iiT July 27, 2007
One of the oldest and easily one of the most storied teams in baseball history. Their 2004 WS victory not-withstanding, the Red Sox ultimately indelibly endear themselves in every New Englander’s heart by breaking it year after year.

Red Sox: the only team in baseball capable of simultaneously being in first place and mathematically eliminated from the pennant.
The Red Sox 2004 championship, while a thrill among thrills, will soon be forgotten, but no one will ever forget the heart-ache of the 1978 playoff game, or the agony of the ’86 Buckner fiasco, or the one night of timeless glory as Pudge Fisk launched a ball into the foul pole and straight through to eternity, winning game Six of the 1975 WS. The greatest single game of the greatest single World Series.
Which they, of course, lost in game seven.
Let the Yankees have their trophies. The Red Sox achieve immortality in loss.
by crooner January 31, 2007
a team who has only won 1 world series in the last 86 years, a team who has won 6 world series total, a team who puts out the biggest baby in left field, a team who got swept in 2006 in a 5 game series by the YANKEES, a team who failed to make the playoffs in 2006, a team that finished 11 games behind the YANKEES, a team that struggled to finish in second place

Who sucks now?
The Red Sox are a team from Boston with fans claiming dominance of the baseball world after winning one World Series.

The Red Sox have only one 6 WS's in their entire history; compared to the Yankees, they suck.
by ottowa October 24, 2006
a team that spawns thousands of fans who just dont like the yankees and who half of them wont live to see the next boston world series victory in 86 years
there is no curse red sox just sucks
2072(maybe without buckner)
by 5 game sweep August 22, 2006
A team that believes they will win another world series before the year 2090 when cleary they are only allowed one every 86 years.

They are also dirty, hairy, smelly and will never shave. Until they Yankees buy them off. :)
Johnny Damon(aka Johnny CASH!) shaved his beard and became clean cut, he's not a true RED SOX anymore!
by rachellll July 08, 2006
The best team in baseball. Won the 2004 WORLD SERIES and will win the next 10 years! You have to no every stat and everything that goes on!
The SOX are the best team in baseball!
by Dorfy May 02, 2005
One of the sukiest team ever to play in baseball they call them selves idiots and cant talk proporly.
NEXT Championship=2090
Johnny Damon, Jason Varitec (BOOO!!!)
by Sukhvinder April 15, 2005
a group of fat pigs that didnt deserve to win shit.. They all were disgusting lookin' with there long hair and crap. Oh yeah, congrats on winning the WS... AFTER 86 FRICKEN YEARS. no matter what u say, the Yankees are better; 26 rings to what? 3?
Man 1 - You going to watch opening night on Sunday?
Man 2 - Hell yeah, whos playing again?
Man 1 - Yankees vs. The Red Sox
Man 2 - I bet you $100 that the Yankees win
Man 1 - I'm not a idiot, theres no way the yankees are going to lose! No bet.
by Daniel April 02, 2005

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