the baseball team with the LEAST diverse and most ignorant fans. red sox fans like to show displeasure towards the yankees and their fans by constantly saying that the yankees suck, despite the fact that yankees have 39 AL pennants and 26 championships compared to boston's only 11 pennants and 6 championships.

red sox fan: hahaha you like the yankees! they suck!
yankees fan: well, let's see. the yankees have won 26 world championships. red sox has, what was it, 6? so, shut the fuck up.
red sox fan: uhhhhhh YANKEES SUCK!
by red sox suck balls July 26, 2007
The worst team in the major leagues consiting of fat asses and horrible players. There colors are red and gay. The only reason they win is because people feel bad for them because they are so bad they only win twice every 80 years. Only faggets like the Red Sox.

1.I hope the Red Sox get into a plane crash in the middle of boston and all die.

2.Vatsal and Hector are gay for liking the Red Sox.

3.Im gay, my faviorite team is the Red Sox.
by Pat Fagan April 23, 2008
Boston's version of the World Trade Center. The only difference is that it collapses EVERY September, instead of just in 2001.
The Democrats have selected Boston, Massachusetts, as the sight of their 2004 Democratic Convention. The convention will be held in September. This way the Red Sox and the Democrats can face mathematical elimination together.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
A team habitually 2-4 games behind the yankees- an amazing feat, actually, since they don't own half the US and pay those who warm the pine 5 million a season, like the Evil Empire.
guy#1-"hey look- the yankees lost 500 million in the stock market!"
guy#2-"It's ok- they've got billions more!"
by Bob September 29, 2003
The most cocky snobs you will ever know. They think they are the best team in the MLB. They are jealous of the fact that the Yankees have more money than them. The Red Sox won 7 world series in 105 years. It took them 86 years to finally win another world series since 1918. Any Red Sox fans do not have any right to talk about the Yankees, because the Sox are statistically and factually not better than the NYY.
Friend 1: The yankees suck, the red sox are gonna cream them again this year.

Friend 2: Hm, I wonder who won 26 world series and is worth over a billion?

Friend 1: So what, we have Beckett and Ortiz.

Friend 2: Impressive, you have a good pitcher and a gorilla who can't speak english. But our whole team is beast.

Friend 1: Yeah, but we have Beckett and Ortiz.

Friend 2: Is that your only argument?
by dylannnnnnnnnnnn April 20, 2008
We are way better then the Yankees..yea we have yankee suck t-shirts and yankee toliet paper but yankee fans have red sux t-shirts nd crap like that too…if we lose we sill believe in our team, we don turn our backs on them..we cheer like crazii even if we are losing..yea soo yankeesz won alo of times but do they really care for dere team and does their teammates care for each other? Obviously we care for our team and you can tell theirs a bond wi the teammates…nd plus Yankees use steroids…nd yea this year is ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soo hatersz fall way dha fuck back! Ps coco crisp name is Covelli not codavliwho ever wrote that
yanks fan:yankees lose damn hey lost again..fuck dem

red sox fan:red sox lose its alrigh..we can get em back..wooh..keep ya heads up
by ASK BOUT iiT July 27, 2007
A team that has very little talent. extremely hypocritical. They boast about how the yankees have the biggest salary ever when their salary cap isnt all that far off. They only have two good players on the team. Manny Ramirez has been trying to get out of boston fro 3 yeras now becasue he cant stand the franchise, but likes money so goes to big high paying boston for his paycheck. David Ortiz is the only star of the team, buts its unfortunate that hell never shine the way he deserves in a city that is fuckin stupid.

Than fan base for boston is usually dumb irish scum who grew up not knowing there was an "R" in the alphabet. They all think that they are part of the REd Sox becasue they have a red sox nation card. Theyve only become even worse than yankee fan. so much that they drive out talent like...say...johnny damon.

Some of their biggest momments in their history include falling second almost every time in the AL EAST, getting kicked out of the palyoffs by th yankees at a 5:1 ratio, giving up babe ruth. allowing billbuckner to play 1st base, and losing 5 in a row to the yankees and crash and burn to 3rd place in the AL east in the 2006 season
i love the red sox wicked haad coooaaa.
by j3rs3y October 02, 2006
Hey cockbites, a fan has exactly this much effect on whether a team wins or loses: 0%. So why the fuck would you brag about "your" team beating "his" team? Unless you're ON the team, you can just put that dick back in your mouth and get a better hobby.
OMG the red sox won WE RULE

good job faggot, you rooted for the same team for 80 years and they finally won, you accomplished nothing.
by IEATLIVEPUPPIES April 21, 2005
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