One of the oldest and easily one of the most storied teams in baseball history. Their 2004 WS victory not-withstanding, the Red Sox ultimately indelibly endear themselves in every New Englander’s heart by breaking it year after year.

Red Sox: the only team in baseball capable of simultaneously being in first place and mathematically eliminated from the pennant.
The Red Sox 2004 championship, while a thrill among thrills, will soon be forgotten, but no one will ever forget the heart-ache of the 1978 playoff game, or the agony of the ’86 Buckner fiasco, or the one night of timeless glory as Pudge Fisk launched a ball into the foul pole and straight through to eternity, winning game Six of the 1975 WS. The greatest single game of the greatest single World Series.
Which they, of course, lost in game seven.
Let the Yankees have their trophies. The Red Sox achieve immortality in loss.
by crooner January 31, 2007
A disappointing and inferior baseball team from Boston Massachusetts that is supported by mostly low class but persistent fans extremely bitter from generations of losing to the New York Yankees.
Red Sox suck! Red Sox suck!
by 1cool1 December 01, 2006
One of the most overrated teams in sports. People claim they were always Boston fans, but as recently as five years ago, the Baltimore Orioles drew more people to their ballpark. Because of the fact that they won the series in 2004, their popularity skyrocketed, and millions of fans jumped on the BoSox bandwagon. Their fans don't seem to realize that they also have to pay penalties for their outrageous contracts. For the amount of money they spend, they should be half-way decent.
The New York Yankees/Boston Red Sox rivalry is one of the most overrated rivalry on television. Along with Roger Clemens and Bonds, you'll never see anything about the Rockies or Marlins on ESPN.
by Will22 June 22, 2006
Most successful team in baseball over the first ~40 years of the sport's existence (up to 1918). Subsequently sold their star player (Babe Ruth) to the Yankees so that their owner could finance a Broadway musical, and then performed poorly for the next twenty-odd years while the Yankees began to surpass them in terms of on-field success.

Experienced something of a resurgence in the 1940s, but could never win a world championship. Were pretty dire/unpopular throughout the 1950s and 1960s, but then came out of nowhere in 1967 to reach the World Series, losing in 7 games to the St. Louis Cardinals. Suddenly became wildly popular in Boston and throughout New England. Still couldn't win a world championship, but came close in 1975, and then agonizingly, skull-crushingly close in 1986.

Failure to win world championship in 1986 spawned the creation of a moronic fiction known as "The Curse of the Bambino", which attributed the Red Sox' decades-old habit of stumbling at the final hurdle to a hex put on them from the Afterlife by Babe Ruth, presumably because he was angry that the team sold him way back when. (In reality, their inability to win the big one could be ascribed to a combination of piss-poor management and being on the wrong end of random chance at the worst possible times.)

Anyway, the media seized on "The Curse", beating Red Sox fans to death with it throughout the late '80s and beyond. National TV broadcasts of Red Sox games were filled with forced, gratuitous references to "The Curse" (announcers talking about it incessantly, showing still photos of Babe Ruth, etc., etc.). Yankee fans (at least the ones who were able to get out on parole) would hold up signs making reference to "The Curse" and delightedly chant "Nine-teen-eight-teen" (a mocking reminder of the year of the Red Sox' last World Series victory) at every possible opportunity during Red Sox-Yankees games at Yankee Stadium. All of this "Curse" business reached an absolute peak in 2003, when the Red Sox lost to the Yankees in an extraordinarily painful fashion in the American League Championship Series (1 step away from the World Series). And then...

In 2004, the Sox and Yanks met once more in the ALCS. The Yankees raced out to a three-games-to-none lead, needing only to win one more game before the Red Sox won four games in order to advance to the World Series. Here, let it be known that previously, NO TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL HAD EVER COME BACK FROM A THREE-GAMES-TO-NONE DEFICIT TO WIN A PLAYOFF SERIES.

I could go into great detail on what happened next, but sufficed to say, the Red Sox stormed back to seize glorious victory from the Yankees, winning four games in a row. With their chief tormentors vanquished, they went on to comfortably defeat the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series.

Having suffered through 86 years without a championship, including two decades of taking an infinite stream of s'hit from the media and from chucklehead Yankee fans with all of their "1918" bulls'hit, Red Sox fans predictably went buckwild, celebrating their asses off over because 1) their team had won its first world championship since World War I, and had done so in an absolutely remarkable manner; 2) they would stop taking endless s'hit from the media and from the mustachioed cretins and knuckle-draggers known as Yankee fans.

Of course, in spite of the fact that their joyous celebration was, in large part, a direct reaction to the crap that they had endured from the media and from Yankee fans for decades, there was a huge media backlash against this celebration, with loads of sports journos lining up to write articles bashing Red Sox fans for celebrating so vigorously.

And of course, Yankee fans needed something to fill the giant void in their lives, since their silly little "1918" chant was rendered useless over the course of two glorious weeks. But instead of having the balls to man up and eat crow, they reverted to their "26 championships to 6 argument", conveniently forgetting that it was the whole "1918" thing, much more so than the "26 championships" thing, that they had been rubbing in our faces forever.

Tough luck guys. And sorry about that little championship drought you've been having. Must suck to have won your last title way back in 2000.
"Swing and a ground ball, stabbed by Foulke. He has it. He underhands to first. And the Boston Red Sox are the World Champions. For the first time in 86 years, the Red Sox have won baseball's world championship. Can you believe it?"

--Joe Castiglione
by El Gran Luchador April 09, 2006
The team whose fans consider 'the best team in baseball' because they win an average of 1 world series every 83 years.
The Red Sox finally won the World Series after nearly a century. They rock!
by nation161 March 19, 2006
lame-ass cocksuckers that have a fan base that believes winning 1 fuckin world series in 86 years qualifies them as the best team in baseball history. the 2004 yankees were injury depleted and were probably screwed because the red sox paid off the umpires in the last 4 games of last years alcs. the red sox also have the biggest asshole since pete rose in curt not worth a mother fucking schilling. the NEW YORK YANKEES are the best team in all of sports with 26 world championships and 39 world series appearances they are truly the epitome of all sports franchises. and for the record the yankees did blow the 2004 alcs (they were cheated) but let us not forget that the red sox blew a 14.5 game lead in 1978 and a 2-0 lead in the AL East playoff by giving up a homerun to BUCKY DENT. he probably hit two other homeruns in his entire career. and also we must pay homage to the fine glovework of bill buckner in the 1986 world series and jonnie pesky's throwing abilities in the 1946 world series. they are the true chokeartists not the injury depleted 2004 Yankees. 2005 belongs to the bronx bombers. go Yankees.
red sox fan: the red sox are the best team ever man. we won in 1918 and 2004. the yankees won 26 world series but suck.
yankees fan: truth is the red sox have choked way more and way worse in their history than the yankees did in 2004. they suck balls and will not win again until at least 2090, mother fucker.
by tellin it like it truly is June 18, 2005
1. sox of the color red
2. pro baseball team
1. im wearing red sox
2. the red sox won the world series
by nick March 14, 2005
The red soxs are the biggest 'dick' suckin 'losers' in the entire 'universe'....the last time they won a world series was in 1918 omg they won once since then there a bunch of ball suckin jizz lickin 'cock' 'suckers' in the history of sports,.....and if ur a red sox fan ur fuckin 'stupid' nd wait u can all go suck somethin
red soxs can suck mah dick...
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