Baseball's most badass team whose heated rivalry against the Yankees should be a lot friendlier. Don't take that shit off the field. The Yankees are a good team too. We just love watching them lose.
Hopefully the Red Sox will pull a repeat!
by SoxNinja April 04, 2005
the baseball team with the LEAST diverse and most ignorant fans. red sox fans like to show displeasure towards the yankees and their fans by constantly saying that the yankees suck, despite the fact that yankees have 39 AL pennants and 26 championships compared to boston's only 11 pennants and 6 championships.
red sox fan: hahaha you like the yankees! they suck!
yankees fan: well, let's see. the yankees have won 26 world championships. red sox has, what was it, 6? so, shut the fuck up.
red sox fan: uhh YANKEES SUCK!
by seans March 02, 2007
A Pro. sports team that plays for Boston. They are know as the best there is, there best there was, and the best there ever will be.

man: hey i got tickets to the yankees.

cool man: THE YANKEES! Man they SUCK! I am going to the redsox game!!!
by Anas Luigi M. January 28, 2008
a pro-baseball team that is based and that plays home games in the city of Boston, MA. They are the major league baseball team for the New England area. They have 7 world championships. Their major archrival is the successful and historic New York Yankees who have 26 world championships and 39 American League championships. Red Sox fans are dubbed Red Sox Nation, assuming that no other team has a national following. They are also notoriously violent, arrogant, and prone to dangerous celebrations as seen in their world series victory after-party in the streets of Boston when over 40 were arrested and police officers were assaulted. Red Sox fans tend to frequently chant "Yankees Suck" even though the Yankees are the most successful sports team in history.
The Red Sox have 7 world championships while the Yankees have 26.

by Ernie EB October 31, 2007
The worst major league baseball team to ever play the game, if you look in their dugout after dark every other player kneeling, they are the reason people say don't drop the soap. Wow everyone was so excited about them winning the 2004 world series why? Because everyone gets excited about such rare events, come on once every 80 almost 90 years?? Fuck the red sox saddam hussein roots for your team :D
the red sox are gay :D
by Yankees Fan September 26, 2007
the single most arrogant team in baseball.

I keep hearing/reading about the Red Sox. How annoying. Why won't they go away?
by freaking a April 08, 2005
The chronic disappointment in baseball.
BOSTON STILL SUCKS! 1 series victory doesn't make up for 86 years of OWNAGE.
by Ashley December 17, 2004
the most idiotic loudmouthed a-holes to ever walk the earth
by YANKEE LOVER 331 September 04, 2010

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