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best team in sports. Bottom line.
The Yanks can go rub dongs with their daddies.
no team better than the sox
by Bouch March 02, 2005
183 187
The most kick ass baseball team in the hisory of the universe!! The 2004 team managed to come back from a 3-0 deficit against the yankees during the play offs, and swept the cards in the actual series..... first time they won in E-I-G-H-T-Y S-I-X YEARS!!!!!
2004 Red Sox Spanked the Yanks, and Folded the Cards!
by Koala Beer October 30, 2004
457 461
Winners of the 2004 world series, and because of that yankees fan bitch like the babies they are saying the suck but hey, who won the world series?
Sorry Yankees this aint a race heres your guift for second place, ~hands tombstone~
by Yankee Lover October 29, 2004
172 176
The only good team in the AL East, and the only team, with a smaller salary cap than the Yankees, who beat the shit out of them every year.
Red Sox kicked the yankees ass...again
by Sox fan for life April 26, 2007
31 36
2007 world series champions. The yankees fans have nothing to say because they havent won in like ten years. Is it year 2090 already?
who won the 2007 world series? The yankees? Nah, the red sox!
by Sheda November 02, 2007
22 28
the worst team in baseball. so bad they have been around since the 1890's and still only have 7 world series rings. just got swept by the yankees and are now going to miss the playoffs. their fans are the most envious in the world. jealous of the yankees and always bitching about their payroll when the red sox have the 3rd largest in mlb. one of their players got 41 lobsters from Maine but he doesnt even know where Maine is. this team blows so much and wont win another world series for another 86 years while the yankees will win 30 more during that time. only have 2 players that would start for the yankees. David Ortiz takes steroids and wouldnt be shit if he was still with the twins.
Kid: hey im a red sox fan
Me: sorry
140 146
One of the most famous baseball teams in the world!!!!
Yeah.. They havent won in 86 years but they did it in 2004! i dont care if some New yorkers consider it a fluke.... it will happen again. Dont get me wrong, Yankees are a good team with loyal fans(how could you not be when you win all the time with players you buy) but look at how loyal Red sox fans are, 86 YEARS since a victory and there still thousands of fans, that takes DEDICATION.
by Anonamous April 25, 2005
68 74