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The act on banging a female while she is on her period and then promptly using her blood as war paint and running around the room in tribal dance
I gave the chick the best red indian last night.
by vangeel February 26, 2009
A state of extreme drunkeness derived from the native american propensity to be a drunkard.
I was drunker than a red indian last night
by JP408 June 07, 2007
The act of putting mountain dew code red on you dick and shoving it hard in the girls vagina
i just bought me some mountain dew code red so i can give my girl a very nice red Indian
by Tjrockz94 April 14, 2011
The act of fucking a girl from behind, and upon climax pushing her face down onto a hot stove eliciting a wail from her, causing her to look and sound like a red indian.
I gave John's mother a red indian last night, it's was ace!
by chird2 December 03, 2008