the act of showing someone your rosey clean anus; usually used as a taunt. See browneye
Ralph dropped his drawers, pulled his butt cheeks apart and gave the girls a redeye.
by David December 02, 2003
A suttle sign for a person smoking weed.
by A toker October 22, 2003
when you moon someone and within that act you open your butt cheeks to expose your asshole
it's fun to give passing cars a red eye on the bronx river parkway
by the prophet March 25, 2003
two shots of espresso topped off with coffee
<blahville> ok it is going to be a long work night tonight..

<blahville> I just made blah's famous "red eye", two shots of espresso topped off with coffee
by Hugin_UD March 09, 2011
Bloodshot eyes as a result of smoking weed. Something to do with THC doing something with your blood vessels in your eyes or something, I can't remember properly because I was stoned when I read it. But yeah, when you smoke weed your eyes normally go red, this is red eye.

That bitch got stoned last night, you should have seen his red eye! He was like Darth Maul or some sh*t!
by Captain Hempstein January 03, 2011
a metaphorical term used for the sun is rising
Anyway, back in LA, sunset still feel the same; by the time sunrise, the red eye, we back on the plane..."- Another Bad Creation song "Hang Out
by h&jtown June 05, 2010
Much like a brown eye, you spread your buttcheeks over someone's face until they see your buttwhole, but with it being stretched to the point of turning red.
"Gave my friend a red eye the other day, now he has pink eye and made me pay for medicine."
by Pirate Jester January 05, 2009
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