eating hot foods and shitting or farting fire or burning
damn melvin you got a case of the Red Ass.

Man those burritos gave me a case of the red ass.
by Burgertime April 21, 2003
When a person or person's is a real "Ass"
and is so sun-burnt he or she is bright red !
Dude,,told you to mac down on some screen,now you got a severe case of the "REDASS" you prick !
by BIGACE August 18, 2011
Very similiar to "the cold shoulder" but refering to a Mandril primate that exposes his red ass when he turns away from you.
You said you were coming over tonight and now you're gonna give me the "red ass"?!
by Tom F Robinson September 03, 2005
Something that results after excessive tapping of that ass or the rough brutal slamming of the pumpkin(pussy/or a psudeo snatch that of a transexual) where the saggy nuggets a slammed against the ass as the pumpkin is recieveing the dong.
red ass....Ass is ReD as fuck due to excessive tapping after a hot fuck..or when rougue is applied to a corpse you dig up then cold fuck.
by Puddin Man April 05, 2005
adj. - something that is cool, enjoyed, or liked.
That party last night was redass! I stayed there till 6 this morning.
by lpm November 15, 2004

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