In Texas: one who is beyond being a bad ass, one who will do whatever it takes to get the job done and will shoot first and ask questions later.
Don't mess with Johnny, he's red ass, you know.
by Gil January 12, 2005
Top Definition
(n) Game played by elementary school children. A tennis ball is thrown against a brick wall.
Anyone is free to catch it. If the person attempting to catch the ball bobbles it, they must run to touch
the wall before being pelted with the ball by another player.
If they are unsuccessful in reaching the wall, the player must stand, facing the wall, whilst each of the other
contestants throws the ball at his rear end.
The game of Red ass was banned from our elementary school.
by keyshaw May 18, 2004
Someone who attends Texas A&M and is very involved and follows all traditions.
Man that lower class man isn't whooping and is standing at the game... what a red ass.
by Kolten August 19, 2007
as a noun, red ass refers to a person that has a bad temper, as an adjective, red ass describes an angry person (man, that guy has the red ass) and has levels depending on how angry the person is (red ass, red hot ass, red hot chili pepper ass).
Noun: Mike Tyson is a red ass.
Adj: That guy has the red ass.
by Q March 14, 2005
Being really pissed off.
Going to that banquet which was supposed to last three hours, but actually lasted five hours really gave me the red ass.
by Michelle May 15, 2003
to be annoyed at something/person/place.
"Where the hell is the waiter? I'm getting a really bad case of redass, yo!"

"How was your date last night?" "Horrible! The deadbeat made me pay for a $100 meal." "Shit, that would give me redass!"
by Canadian in hiding March 15, 2006
Synonym for upset, taken from "that chaps my hide"
Aww man, I'm gonna' go home and my dad will get the red ass.
by cparx December 02, 2003
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