A red headed queer who acts like hes cool but the truth is that he is nothing but dirty trailer trash.
The bitch Red needs to take a shower. The dirt falls right off his ass.
by Reds a Bitch March 30, 2003
coolest kid on irc
rop \\ red is the coolest kid on irc, doug is a nerd
by tony montana April 08, 2003
the color Shasha Zou turns when she starts drinking (and Deep-throating)
Random guy: hey Shasha, do you want a drink?
Shasha: no, I better not
Pradeep: yeah, she turns red when she drinks
by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi May 10, 2005
A chinky eyed man with sexy thighs and juicy lips.
Hey look at that red, hes hot!
by gina chi June 10, 2005
wen u wack off and u bleed
conner dick is redder than my skin
by aldo February 18, 2005
is red
ur red t shirt
by red March 30, 2003
matt yolkum
matt yolkum is a real asshole
by fatty mcgee April 02, 2004

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