A snitch

A way to describe actions of a snitch
Dude, that's so fucking red !
by Manderin August 28, 2005
It's a colour fuck-up
Holy fuck! I just cut open my ar... hey I never knew my blood was red..
by Cockbite June 02, 2003
Something totally rediculous.

Reffering to rednecks

Something that is so complicated it's stupid.
Then there was this really red thing where you had to pay $4 a month to save $3 a month...

What a red little town that was.
by dontxkillxme June 17, 2005
My name is Red and you gota love me.
Red is a hot sexy beast!
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
a fair-skinned African-American person
Antwon: My girl is pretty as shit. She red with hazel eyes and long hair.
by Niki October 27, 2003
Girl who once was beautiful, but mysteriously gains 30 lbs in the matter of days.
"Wow, what the hell happened to Red?"
by KingdomCum January 23, 2003
A red headed queer who acts like hes cool but the truth is that he is nothing but dirty trailer trash.
The bitch Red needs to take a shower. The dirt falls right off his ass.
by Reds a Bitch March 30, 2003

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